2018-2019 School Supply Lists

Stewartsville Elementary School
Supply Lists 2018-2019

Mrs. Burn's Class 3 boxes of tissues 1 pack of baby wipes Lysol wipes Hand Sanitizer Pencils/extra erasers Crayons Expo dry erase markers/eraser 4 composition notebooks(applicable to first-fourth grade students) 2 sets of changing clothes 1 box of sandwich bags(gallon size) Loose leaf paper Kindergarten                                                               

1 Composition book, marble cover, black                           

​#2 Pencils, dozen-2 packs                                                                   

​20 Glue sticks, washable                                                            

​1 box facial tissue, hypo-allergenic, 200 ct.                                 

​4 Crayons, tuck box, 24 ct.                                                               

​2 Dry erase marker, chisel tip, low-odor, black                    

1 pair scissors, 5” blunt tip, ‘For Kids’                                            

1 Hand sanitizer, foaming, alcohol free, 7 oz                      

  Ziplock bags- boys bring quart size, Girls bring gallon size

1 Pencil case, fabric

1 Plastic folder, 2 pocket  

* Please send a change of clothes in ziploc or plastic bag, labeled with your student's name *

**Donations of Clorox Wipes are appreciated, but not required. **


1st Grade

​3  Composition books, marble cover, black

​2 Erasers, large pink

2 plastic pocket folders

​2 packs #2 all wooden pencils, dozen

​2 boxes crayons, tuck box, 24 ct/box

​20 Glue stick, washable

​1 box facial tissue, hypo-allergenic, full size

​1 Highlighter, chisel tip, yellow

​1 Fiskar scissors, 5” blunt tip

​1 Hand sanitizer

​1 Fabric pencil pouch with zipper

1 set of earbuds/headphones

Girls: gallon size ziploc bags

Boys: quart size ziploc bags


2nd Grade                                                                                                              

5 Composition books, marble cover, 100 sheets, black

​2 packs #2 yellow wooden pencils, dozen ct,

  (no decorative pencils)                                                                

​2 boxes crayons, tuck box, 24/box                                                              

​12 glue sticks, washable                                                                            

​2 box facial tissue, hypo-allergenic, 200 ct.                               

​2 Highlighter, chisel tip, yellow/pkt clip                 

​1 pair scissors, 5” , pointed                                                                          

​1 large bottle of hand sanitizer                                       

​1 pack filler paper, wide-ruled, 120/pk                                         

​1 binder, 3-ring, 1”                                                                    

​1 fabric zippered pencil pouch                                                                 

​2- 2 pocket folders.            

​Headphones or earbuds (for child's personal use)

Ziploc bags: Girls/gallon size -Boys/quart size


3rd Grade

4 Composition book, marble cover

3 packs #2 Pencils, dozen

1 pack blue ink pens

​2 boxes crayons, tuck box, 24/box

​8 large glue sticks, or 2 small packs

1 pack highlighters, 3 ct pack

​1 pair scissors 5” pointed tip,  ‘For Kids’

​1 Pencil case, fabric with 3-hole w/grommets

​2 plastic 2-pocket folders

Gallon sized baggies for the boys / Sandwich sized baggies for the girls

1 box facial tissue for the boys / 1 pack baby wipes for the girls

Earbuds or headphones


4th Grade

4 Composition books, marble cover

4 Plastic pocket folders

3 packs of dozen #2 wooden pencils (NO mechanical pencils)

1  pencil pouch, fabric with 3-hole grommets

3 packs of wide ruled paper

1 pack of multi-colored highlighters

10 glue sticks

1 pair of scissors

1 24 count box of crayons, markers or colored pencils                               


5th Grade

1 1/2"  - 2" ring binder (no zipper binders please)

Loose leaf paper

pocket dividers-plastic ones last longer (make sure they have pockets, not just tabs)

1 pack of 100 index cards

Fabric pencil pouch (or cosmetic bags work really well) NO plastic boxes please

6 marble composition books

#2 pencils

Red pens

Colored pencils (Twistables last longer and never need sharpening)


Glue sticks

Several highlighters


Hand Sanitizer


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